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Temecula Wine Trivia!

Age of vine before producing useful grapes—3 years
Age of vine before full production—5 years
Productive lifetime of a vine—30-35 years—Although the quality can remain good, the yield begins to decrease after that
Grape clusters in bottle—4-5
Grapes in a bottle—500-600
Clusters on a vine—40
Grapes in a cluster—75-100
Grape clusters in one glass of wine—1
Vines per acre—500-1300
Pounds of grapes produced by one vine—8-10
Tons per acre 3.5—4 (average—can vary greatly)
Gallons of wine per ton of grapes—120 - 150
Gallons of wine per acre—less than 500
Barrels per acre—13.5
Bottles per vine—4-6
Bottles per ton—500—700
Bottles per acre—4,000
Cases per barrel—24.6
Glasses per acre—16,000
Glasses in a bottle—5-6
Bottles per 60 gallon barrel—300
Calories in a 5 ounce glass of dry wine—100-125
Fat in a 5 ounce glass of dry wine—0
Carbohydrates in a 5 ounce glass of dry wine—1-2 
Cost of acre of new vineyard in Temecula Valley—$120,000 (some existing property has been sold for $200,000 an acre)
Cost of French oak barrel—$600-850
Cost of American oak barrel—$300-550
Average age of a French oak tree used to make barrels—170 years
Number of years an oak barrel is used—5-8 ( 3 Vintages)
Number of vineyard acres in Temecula (2010)—1200 (out of a total of 485,120 acres in the entire county)
Most popular varietals in Temecula (in order of popularity)
1. Cabernet Sauvignon
4.Sauvignon Blanc
Number of wineries in Temecula—Approximately  32
Year grapes first planted in Temecula—1968 (by Vincenzo Cilurzo)
First winery built in Temecula—Calaway (1974) Ely Calaway
Ranking of United States in world wine production (1999)—4th—533,596,000 gallons (behind Italy, France and Spain) (2008)
Ranking of United States in world wine acreage (1999)—4th—905,000 acres
Ranking of United States in world wide consumption—Second place - soon to become first
Percentage of U.S. wine made in California—90%
Average annual soft drink consumption of Americans per capita—55 gallons
Average annual beer consumption of Americans per capita—22 gallons
Average annual coffee consumption of Americans per capita—22 gallons
Average annual bottled water consumption of Americans per capita—11 gallons



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